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Whatever They Say



After realising they are the only same-sex couple whilst attending a busy house viewing in a new neighbourhood, two women express their fears of standing out through song.

Driving With Tim



An inexperienced young production assistant is tasked with driving a temperamental seasoned actor to set, but as their chaotic journey unfolds the two realise they have more in common than meets the eye.

In the Jungle



Best Short Film - 2022 Chicago Screenplay Awards

The year is 1970 and it's a typical school day for twelve-year-old Eric, but Eric is not a typical boy. With hearing aids, a giant pair of glasses and the status of 'outcast', he's a perpetual loner at the back of the class at a school for the hearing. And on the day the class lesson is 'survival of the fittest,' he must face the school bully and decide whether he's a lion, a gazelle, or the king of the jungle.

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