With a background in theatre and theology, British writer and director Erica Belton focuses on female led and queer stories that challenge stereotypes and perceptions. Recent projects include Sweet Charity, which she directed at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and second unit director for the upcoming short The Monster in the Bed, starring Timothy West and Tracey Ann Oberman. 


French screenwriter and composer, Alice Uzzan, has a deep interest in stories that explore the political nature of identities and relationships. She's a translator and consultant for the upcoming Disney+ show Culprits, and a writer of educational content for Libraries Without Borders. Upcoming projects include musical short, Whatever They Say, and comedic drama short, Driving With Tim. 


Award-winning American screenwriter, Chelsea Kania, is currently based in London. Her achievements include 2021 Academy Nicholl Semifinalist and 2020 Big Apple Film Festival Winner. Her upcoming projects include In the Jungle with award-winning director Ky Dickens, and her first feature film, Being Benjamin, with MadWife Productions.